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MusicalTalk - The UK's Independent Musical Theatre Podcast

​MusicalTalk is the UK’s only independent musical theatre podcast that brings you weekly interviews, reviews and analysis of musical theatre direct from London

Feb 28, 2023

Nick talks to Jonathan Rockefeller about his production of Disney's Winnie the Pooh that's soon to open at the Riverside Studios before embarking upon a UK tour! 

Feb 21, 2023

Nick chats to Natasha Hodgson, Zoe Roberts, David Cumming and Felix Hagan about their musical "Operation Mincemeat" that will soon be opening at the Fortune Theatre in London's West end.  Hear how a show about a young group of people taking a risk was created by a young group of people taking a risk! 

Feb 14, 2023

Thos again pays tribute to the late Kit Hesketh-Harvey, one of Britain’s most talented and eclectic theatrical personalities. In this episode, we hear Kit talking about the more serious, passionate and romantic side of his nature as he discusses his modernised version of La Traviata which wowed the critics in 2012.

Feb 7, 2023

In the first of a two part tribute, Thos remembers the wonderful “Renaissance Man of the Theatre”, the late Kit Hesketh-Harvey, who died earlier this month. In this episode we hear Kit in two episodes which highlight his talents on stage and off, in two fascinating – and very funny – interviews covering his work...