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MusicalTalk - The UK's Independent Musical Theatre Podcast

​MusicalTalk is the UK’s only independent musical theatre podcast that brings you weekly interviews, reviews and analysis of musical theatre direct from London

Oct 29, 2015

Sadly, it’s the last episode of MusicalTalk’s coverage of this year’s splendid Edinburgh Festival Fringe – and as usual Thos picks his Picks of the Fringe and investigates how two very different, very excellent shows explore that most British of traits - leaving things unsaid.

Oct 19, 2015

David Herzog sits down with the charming Christine Pedi to discuss her current run of cabaret treats at the famous Piccadilly Circus venue.

Oct 13, 2015

Join Thos as he talks to Henry Carpenter, the man behind – and in front of – the Quentin Dentin Show, an intriguing musical from at this year’s Fringe that falls into the category of “weird and wonderful”.  With a number of catchy songs, and an insightful conversation into the influences that inspired the...

Oct 6, 2015

Thos and fellow reviewer, Josh Clarke, sit down to look at some more of the offerings from this year’s Edinburgh Fringe – and touch on the role of authenticity in musical theatre.   Hear about Persuasion, a Jane Austen musical two hundred years in the making, and Poppies, a wartime tale from a century ago, as well...

Oct 1, 2015

There are five five-star shows from the Edinburgh Fringe for you in this episode as Thos talks to a number of intrepid performers who were responsible for some wonderful one-person shows tackling everything from Disney Princesses to James Bond villains, and from medieval celebrities to Albert Einstein – all with songs!