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MusicalTalk - The UK's Independent Musical Theatre Podcast

​MusicalTalk is the UK’s only independent musical theatre podcast that brings you weekly interviews, reviews and analysis of musical theatre direct from London

Jan 29, 2019

Nick, Antonia and Mike sit down to discuss their thoughts on the Mary Poppins sequel. 

Jan 22, 2019

Nick and Antonia discuss the massive amount of shows coming to London and beyond in 2019.  2019 promises to be an exciting year - with new shows such as Only Fools and Horses, Dear Evan Hansen and the returns of classics such as Evita, Jesus Christ Superstar and Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Doo-daa.  

Jan 15, 2019

David Herzog returns to bring us belated holiday cheer from the cast of "Cinderella" at Venue Cymru in North Wales. Hold David's terrified American hand as he embarks into the popular British world that is pantomime.

Jan 8, 2019

It’s very rarely we get so many presenters in one place - but in the summer of 2018 - we managed it! In this episode there two different conversations stemmed from two very simple questions.  What’re you listening to and What’s a groundbreaking show? This opens up a menagerie of musical merriment!  Join Nick,...

Jan 1, 2019

Nick joins Rachael - to discuss a slew of musicals they saw toward the end of 2018 including Wicked, Matilda, Phantom of the Opera, Bat out Of Hell, Heathers and Fanatical - whilst gently skimming the surface of Lord of the Rings.

Rachael also talks about Tanz Der Vampire - which she saw recently in Germany.  What went...