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MusicalTalk - The UK's Independent Musical Theatre Podcast

​MusicalTalk is the UK’s only independent musical theatre podcast that brings you weekly interviews, reviews and analysis of musical theatre direct from London

Mar 29, 2011

Andrew Lloyd Webber's new production of The Wizard of OZ has recently opened at the world famous London Palladium. The semi world famous Andrew Keating and Nick Hutson went along to see the extravaganza featuring flying houses, flying monkers and flying witches! Does it live up to the movie… or the hype? Andrew...

Mar 22, 2011

Spring is here – so get one in your step too with this lovely, thoughtful and insightful conversation on the art of cabaret, singing and musical theatre in general with the talented star of Broadway and the West End, the delightful and beautiful Valerie Cutko.

Mar 17, 2011

Nick and Andrew Keating check out Elaine Paige in concert, whilst Andrew Corcoran joins Nick for a discussion about rumous, news and stories around the West End.

Mar 8, 2011

In this episode, the often barking Thos gets Offenbaching as he reviews Troy Boy, explores the importance of the satirical, and saucy Jacques Offenbach, and questions whether French sensuality is still too much for a British audience 150 years on. More pie, Paris?

Mar 2, 2011

Nick re-unites with MusicalTalk's co-founder Andy Edwards for a delightful chat - and a real throwback to the original style of MusicalTalk episodes, as Andy announces his upcoming job to perform in We Will Rock You in Berlin!